I am as proud of Stumptown (the coffee) as the next Portlander, and we’ve been drinking the Hair Bender blend for years as proof. However, in recent years, I had begun to sour a bit on Stumptown. At cafes around Portland, sometimes the Stumptown brew tasted burned. At home, we started drinking the delectable Ristretto, our local neighborhood roast.

Then this summer, I read a tweet from the PDX Food Dude about an article in Salon.com on how Americans are ruining Italian espresso. Even though Stumptown is roasted at the end of the article, the blame goes mostly to the too-hot-machine (excerpt from full article here).

Maybe that explains why the coffee we serve from our trusty little stovetop espresso maker from Italy is so good. If temperature counts, “cooking coffee” (as my East European English students used to say) on a gas stove offers a consistently good-tasting espresso.

18 years and still cookin’