A few months back, we stopped by Suzette Creperie in the Alberta Arts District of Northeast Portland for a Sunday afternoon crepe. And while there, we had our first taste of Portland’s own Courier Coffee. What a pairing, both in taste and mobile sensibility. Where Suzette makes its savory and sweet crepes in a silver Airstream parked behind the main cafe, Courier delivers its custom-roasted coffee to Suzette (and others) by bicycle. We’ve been back since for more crepes, more coffee and more surprises, including a fun series of movies that the creperie plays weekly along one wall of the cafe.

Notes on Suzette…

Location: It’s easy to saunter along NE Alberta and 29th Streets and nearly miss Suzette Creperie, which sits slightly back from the sidewalk at 2921 NE Alberta. Look for the French-inspired, pebble-footed garden out front and a sign pointing in the direction of the “crepes.” Suzette is open Wed-Sun and offers happy hour and weekly events, including movies like this month’s Hitchcock film fest and game nights every Wednesday.

Coffee: I had been wanting to try Courier Coffee for some time, but hadn’t been able to make it downtown to the roaster’s one and only cafe at 923 SW Oak, which is only open Mon-Fri during daytime hours. So what a pleasant surprise to order a coffee with my goatcheese-filled buckwheat crepe and discover the really nicely flavorful Courier-roasted and bike-delivered coffee. At Suzette, they painstakingly brew the coffee using the pour-over method, and in 3-4 visits it’s been a real treat. Robust and strong yet mild and delicious to the tastebuds.

Cool stuff: Suzette, named for the crepe recipe that combines carmelized sugar, butter and liquor in a burst of flame, has got an eclectic ambience that is both cozy and congenial. Order your crepe out back at the window of the Airstream, warm up inside at a table, on a stool or sit in a row of movie theater seats. The servers, including presumably owner Jehnee Rains, are friendly and attentive, obviously enjoying the joy they bring to their clientele. Eating chocolatey or cheesy crepes and watching old movies on the wall is a kick, too. Check out Suzette’s regular calendar of events here.

Not so cool: It can be a little chilly in the winter months ordering your meal outside and waiting for it to be delivered to the sometimes-drafty inside. Bring a coat and have some Courier coffee or a tea, and you’ll be just fine.