It’s Labor Day, and 4th of July is yet a distant summer memory. Except if you’re Barista, whose Northeast Portland business was damaged in a roof fire caused by an errant 4th of July firework two months ago.

This past week, I had the opportunity to stop by Barista (also known online as Barista PDX) at 1725 NE Alberta a couple of times, as I dropped kids off at the Community Cycling Center’s awesome bike camp. Cool, late summer mornings deserved a warm coffee, and Barista beckoned me from across the street. What I didn’t expect was to see the baristas of Barista huddled around a coffee cart in the courtyard of the new-ish building Barista moved into over a year ago.

While the business waits for insurance to pay up, the cafe that was reminiscent of a modern hunting lodge stays shuttered from water damage it sustained when the sprinkler system went into action. In the meantime, Barista occupies a cart that drums up a steady stream of morning coffee-drinkers-on-the-go.

This is not last year’s Barista, which carved out a niche for itself by featuring a variety of independently roasted coffees from around the country. No, for the moment, Barista offers Stumptown exclusively, in honor of Stumptown Coffee, which generously donated the cart so the business — and coffee-making — could go on. Stop by and support Barista’s coffee cart as they rebuild.